Introducing Lady Minor Home Fragrances

Introducing Lady Minor Home Fragrances

 Lady Minor Home Fragrance

   My candle line started when I became comfortable with being alone. Friday nights have always been my nights to do what I want uninterrupted. Everyone else always seems to find their own thing to do leaving me to my own devices. Before long I realized I created my own date night for myself, full of my favorite things. It literally became the ultimate self love night. It went something like this…

   Every Friday after work I pick up a bottle of wine, champagne if it’s been a particularly rough week. I make myself a special dinner, put on something cute but cozy and after dinner I start my activity for the evening. Some nights I put on a movie, other nights I paint and listen to music but no matter how I spend my Friday date night it always includes a candle.

   Self love date night is great but the candles go a bit deeper than that. You see, over the years as a makeup artist and clothing designer I have had the pleasure of meeting many women from all walks of life. No matter how different they all were a lot of them had one thing in common… they didn’t know just how beautiful and powerful they really are. Whether it was the new mom that no longer had time for herself or the woman coming out of a bad relationship.

   We all experience something in life that makes us forget who we are. I realized whenever I’m down or just need to take a minute and regroup I light a candle. Something about the scent and flickering flame puts me at ease, even just for a moment. A candle is my way of showing myself a little bit of care, helps me slow down and enjoy the moment. All women deserve that.

   So, if you’ve had a rough week, day or just need to slow down, treat yourself to a self love date. Treat yourself how you deserve to be treat.


Take care of you,



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