Be Inspired

Be Inspired

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   Being a fashion designer is not easy. With every sketch, every piece of fabric and every color scheme I'm constantly thinking "Are people going to like this?" "Who is going to wear this?" and many other thoughts that cause me to lose sleep at night.

   Like many other artists, I look for inspiration everywhere. I never know when or where I'll find it. After looking at other designers from Paris Fashion Week I've realized something about each piece of clothing that went down the runways... They are unique. They may not be for everyone but they are all for someone.

   It's okay to take chances. It's okay for me to make something that someone doesn't like because there will be people out there that will love what I have.

   The world is beautiful because we are all different. We have individual styles and no two people wear an item just alike. A simple black dress can be all one person needs to feel good. While another may need vibrant pops of color or a geometric print.

   It's okay to stand out and be different. It's also okay if a trend doesn't work for you.

   Go out and be inspired today. Look for inspiration everywhere you go. Don't second guess your clothes for the day either. You may just end up inspiring someone else just by being you.

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